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SMB Financial Case Studies

How we have helped businesses master the balancing act of bookkeeping and taxes.

Where We’ve Stuck the Landing

Balancing Act isn’t just a fancy name. It’s what we do.

We know how hard it can be to balance your books, taxes, and day-to-day operations. You may have tried doing it yourself, but other things get in the way, and your books get put on the back burner. Or you might have tried hiring an accountant who made it worse or delivered subpar services.

But at Balancing Act, we get down to brass tax. We’ve provided honest and successful service for many businesses — from bookkeeping/taxes to consulting. It doesn’t matter what messy situation you find yourself in — we can help clean up your act and get your show back on the road.


Client A

Their previous bookkeeper/CPA had poor communication and left their books a mess. They also had a lot of questions and wanted to learn ways to run their business better.

Bookkeeping service package

We included a review of their in-house work as well as tutorials for their staff on Quickbooks and basic accounting procedures.

Tax review

We walked the client through their tax filings, consulted about ways to minimize their tax liability, and found things to correct for the current year based on their entity structure.

“The best thing about working with Balancing Act is not only the ease and peace of mind knowing our books are in order, but also the knowledge and education Tammy provides. She helps us have a better understanding of accounting practices, reporting, record keeping and expense categorizing. This helps us better run our business and saves us money when we file our taxes. Balancing Act is a great asset to our business!”

– Client A

Bookkeeping Services for Construction and Home Services Companies
Bookkeeping Monthly Package for Boutique Clothing Stores

Client B

They were doing the bookkeeping themselves but lacked time to update them regularly and correctly. They had no true way of knowing profit/loss on a regular basis. Also, they needed to be operating as an LLC due to liability risk.

Full-service monthly bookkeeping

We took over the monthly accounting. Now, everything is kept current and clear, and owners receive financial reports monthly/quarterly. They now know where they stand as far as profits/losses, expenses, etc., so they can better plan for the future and mitigate tax liabilities.

Business consulting

We walked them through the process of setting up an LLC and transitioning operations to the LLC. We educated them on why that is important and the risks involved with mixing their personal and business finances.

“Working with Balancing Act has been one of the best decisions we made for our small business. Not only is Tammy trustworthy, but she has provided us with tips and suggestions that help us operate more smoothly. We highly recommend Balancing Act to any fellow business owners.”

– Client B


Client C

They had no bookkeeping system at all. He was a typical service business owner — running everything from the cab of his truck on handwritten invoices and receipts. This was his first full year in business, and it was growing quickly. He needed a system for his books and guidance to ensure his tax liabilities were met.

Account setup + full-service monthly bookkeeping

We set up full account in QBO and began monthly full-service bookkeeping. We also provided monthly financial reports so that the owner (a math major!) could review his progress and adjust his business plan as needed.

Tax review + business consulting

We met quarterly to ensure his self-employment taxes were covered and to discuss tax planning strategies to mitigate his liability at tax filing time. We conferred with him and ultimately decided it made sense for him to take an S-Corp election. Today, we are still growing, and we are now handling his payroll as well.

“My biggest takeaway from working with Tammy is that she really knows her stuff. She has made my bookkeeping and taxes a simple thing. She has also made it easy to see where I am in my business at all times. She really cares about her clients and takes a personal interest in our success. She goes above and beyond to make sure we better our businesses.”

– Client C

Bookkeeping for local restaurants

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