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Bookkeeping is the backbone of our business. We can do everything from regular bookkeeping to set-up. Plus, we offer customizable and affordable packages to fit your specific needs and budget. No matter if you’re a small business or a large corporation, we’ll keep your books clean and up-to-date so you know what’s happening.

Regular monthly bookkeeping

Logging transactions and/or managing bank feeds, categorizing transactions, reconciliations, reviewing P&L and Balance Sheet.

Set-up & clean-up service

Get set up with a bookkeeping system or clean up your existing books.

Business Owner reviewing financials

Small Business & Personal Tax Return

We know how easy it is to say that you will do your taxes later. But before you know it, tax season is here, and the forms are still blank. Don’t stress. Let us file your taxes so that they’re done properly and meet deadlines. That way, you don’t have to receive a letter from your favorite pen pal — the IRS.

Income Tax Filing

Get taxes filed correctly and on time to stay compliant.

Monthly sales tax filing

Keep your sales tax filed regularly.

SMB Working on their expertise while BAlancing Act takes care of their Tax Prep

Let’s balance your books and taxes

Let this be the start of something great! We want to help put you on your way to financial success.

Tax Planning

Many businesses don’t know the ways they can save in taxes every year. Let us help uncover savings opportunities for your business. We’ll look at your current and future financial picture to identify potential deductions and credits. You’ll get a better idea of where to spend your hard-earned money and avoid getting taxed to death.

Tax review & analysis

Gain a full picture of your estimated taxes in the current financial year.

Tax strategy & savings

Plan for deductions and credits for wiser money-spending.

Creating a tax planning strategy for a small business


Don’t forget about your hard-working employees. They need love, too! It’s essential that your entire organization gets paid accurately and in time for payday. We can help with your payroll, from gross and net calculations to reconciliation and tax reporting.

Payroll management

We manage your checks, direct deposits, and tax benefits.

Quarterly tax report filing with Fed and state

We assist with filing your quarterly tax reports to federal and state governments.

Ensuring employees are getting paid through payroll services

Business Consulting

Need some professional advice on how to run your business better? That’s in our wheelhouse, too. We can meet to discuss how to take your business to the next level, providing counsel and guidance on business structure, growth & profit, operations, hiring, and more.

Operational improvements

Find ways to enhance efficiency and revenue.

Talent development

Gain better talent through refined development.

Growing your business through strategy

Get the complete package

Want to have it all? That’s the spirit! We can work out a full, all-inclusive plan that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to reconcile our accounts?

Reconciliation essentially means that we look at two sets of records (ledgers, bank statements, accounts, taxes, etc.) to make sure that all the numbers line up. It’s a way for us to detect any errors or discrepancies. Ultimately, it’s a practice that helps keep you in compliance.

Yes, absolutely! We don’t have control over anything. We’re simply your assistants who help to get your financial assets and records in order.

We can work with any type of bookkeeping system — we have no preference. Some examples of systems we have worked with are QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho, and FreshBooks.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-member LLCs, and in a variety of industries. Past clients have come from banking, insurance, legal services, automotive, real estate, and construction, just to name a few.

Yes! Thanks to technology, many systems allow us to work with your books and taxes remotely. However, we understand some prefer to meet in person. That’s something we can discuss and accommodate.

FAQs for Balancing Act Small Business Services


I love the ease of doing business with Balancing Act. Tammy’s professionalism and personal touch calmed any fears I had about dealing with the IRS!

Suzy M.
Tammy is an excellent, reasonably priced and very knowledgeable tax professional! I would recommend her to anyone!
James S.

Tammy was amazing! Punctual, responsive, and fast in delivering what I needed. Couldn’t be happier with her services! Will definitely use Tammy again.

Selena B.

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